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I was writing eight blogs, so naturally, a few of them were neglected.  I’m switching all content to three bigger blogs, so this content is moving gradually to The Sovereign.  As I move the content to The Sovereign, I’ll delete it from here so Google search is more likely to go to the new site.

Examining Creation and Resurrection

I highly recommend this article by Dr. Henry Morris.  Dr. Morris (1918 – 2006) was a respected scientist and Biblical scholar.  I, personally, had not thought through the vital linking of Creation and Resurrection in the Bible.  Dr. Morris highlights the importance of the two events for Christians for their assurance, revival, and witness.

Enough said by me… go read the article.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons of artwork on St.Peter’s Cathedral, Worms, Germany.

Dinosaurs and the Age of the Earth

This post has moved to our new location at The Sovereign.

The Voyage That Shook the World

Darwin published the On the Origin of Species 150 years ago.   I ran across what looks like an interesting movie which examines Darwin’s science in light of what we know today.

Click here to watch a trailer.

The Message in the Writing

“Here’s $5.05 for your $2.02.” I handed the optician my money with a bemused smile.

“And here’s $3.03 for your $5.05,” he replied as he handed me my change.

We were both amused with how the money came out.

“Here is something for you,” I offered him 4 Laws – Discovering God in Chinese Characters. “This tells how God preserved the message of Genesis in the Chinese language.”

“Thank you!” Keith was intrigued. “My boys love Japanese. I think they will like this!”

Follow the link to this tract if you would like to order some to share with your unbelieving friends and family.  If you are interested in more information about the hidden message in ancient Chinese characters, do a search on “Chinese characters” at Answers in Genesis.

Creationism still taught in US high schools

A survey released by Penn State reveals that 13% of  Biology teachers believe they can teach their course without mentioning evolution or Darwin.  Many also teach creationism and intelligent design in the classroom.  See this news report for more details or read the original essay.

Evidence for God

Instead of writing something, I am recommending some well-thought-out articles.

I just reread this excellent article, Does God Exist.

I also recommend two different series of web pages about the existence of God. Start at these links:

1) from the Institute for Creation Research

2) from

Follow the links embedded in the articles to go through each of the series.

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